The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License (Unabridged) - Michael Burnette

The Fast Track to Your Technician Class Ham Radio License (Unabridged)


  • Release Date: 2015-04-10
  • Genre: Science & Nature


Covers all FCC Technician Class Exam questions July 1, 2014, until June 30, 2018

Everything you need to know to become a licensed ham and get on the air.

Memorizing answers is hard. Learning is easy! The Fast Track to Your Technician Ham Radio License explains the reasoning and technology behind each correct answer on the amateur radio exam so you'll understand and remember the subject matter. Created by an experienced ham and adult educator, it's like having your own patient, experienced, good-humored mentor for the exam.

Technician is the entry-level ham radio license that lets you operate on all ham channels from 30 MHz up, which includes the very popular VHF and UHF bands. To get your license you must pass a multiple-choice test.

The technician license test consists of 35 questions drawn from a pool of about 350. Memorizing the answers to 350 questions is difficult, but The Fast Track makes it easier by explaining the reasoning and technology behind each correct answer. It's simple: When you understand the material, you remember the answers and pass the test.

Best of all, once you've passed your exam you'll have a solid grounding in ham radio basics. Includes every possible question and every answer Precise instructions for how to locate a testing session, how to prepare, and even what to bring - and what not to bring - to the test. All technical topics explained in clear, plain language Step-by-step instructions to solve all the math problems, complete with exactly which keys to press on your calculator for each problem Test-taking strategies Hints to easily solve many questions and avoid the traps in the test Written in learning order, not just the order of the official question bank Covers questions that will be used until June 30, 2018.